12 Days of Holiday Ads: Apple.

Of course, Apple. You can’t run any mash up of any kind of compelling advertising without including Apple.
And this spot. I mean. This might be the biggest tear-jerker on the air right now. Grab a tissue:


What we love about this spot:
1. The casting. That grandmother is so real. Her tears are so genuine. And the young lady is so sweet, but not too sweet. They feel normal. And that’s important for a brand who is the champion of empowering normal people to execute creative for the people they love.
2. The cinematography. Those warm windows coming on in the cool morning light. The whole spot takes place in a kind of warm half-light. The shallow depth of field makes everything feel dreamy and important: she turns on a record player, steam rises up from her noodles, she holds the photos and the record in her hands.
3. The story. Apple loves stories about young people making something surprising, beautiful, and heart warming for their families. And they really nailed it with this spot. Makes you wanna go cut together something just as special for your own loved ones.
4. The humanity. Apple is a brand that seems to align itself with capturing, remembering, and enhancing the human experience. This spot does all of those things.
Well done, Apple. Well done.
And in case you missed last year’s heart warmer:

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