12 Days of Holiday Ads: BMW Part 2

And, to round out their holiday campaign, BMW has 2 spots that are sooooo BMW.

Featuring Santa…

And featuring the car…

What we love about this campaign

1. Each spot puts a clever spin on the age-old car-hugging-curves formula that is the hallmark of a luxury car ad. Simple, elegant.

2. It just feels fast. The cinematography, the car, the whole she-bang. Sleek, well-executed, and FAST.

3. All in all, this is a brand who knows who it is. And, perhaps even more importantly, who its audience is. And these spots are BMW being who it’s audience needs it to be: High-end, luxury cars for people who want to feel like their commutes to work could be as exciting as driving on a closed track. These are the people look forward to the tollbooth because of the promise of the wide open highway beyond it. BMW is keeping that illusion of “life in the fast lane” alive.

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