12 Days of Holiday Ads: Boots

Get ready for another tear-jerker in this ad from across the pond for Boots, a British drug store.



What we love about this spot:
1. This entire spot was just shot so well. All the lighting is beautifully toned so that just about every scene feels like it was lit with actual Christmas lights.
2. It’s real. People are missing buses in their pajama pants, forgetting presents, dozing off at the climactic moment of surprise. Everybody has their own little obstacle–and that makes this really feel like an actual family.
3. The payoff. What a sweet woman with a warm, amazing family! Right? And what a real, simple dilemma: Mom has to work late on Christmas. I love these people.
4. Beautiful tie in to a great little hashtag: #specialbecause, a heart warming campaign that has Boots giving away free gifts to people who are nominated by their loved ones. This kind of responsive branded engagement with your audience is always a “spiffing idea,” as the British say! Go check it out on Twitter for some soft focus holiday moments!

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