12 Days of More: UPS

UPS’s holiday ad “Driver for a Day” is just adorable, front to back:


What we love about this campaign:


1. The story itself is simply charming. We love the little boy, we love his UPS driver, we really love that tiny truck with the hand-addressed packages to his neighbors.


2. This ad is tied to their #WishesDelivered campaign. For every wish you share using their hashtag, UPS will donate $1 to one of their 3 charity partners. So, basically, UPS is walking the holiday spirit line better than just about any of the other brands we’ve mentioned in this series.


3. UPS is delivering more than packages this year, they’re delivering WISHES, guys. Wishes! How many brands can say that? We love it when brands use real people, real stories, to get their message across. And I really love it when brands go the extra mile to connect with causes that go beyond their brand messaging.

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