2014 Holiday Style Guide 2014: Evergreen Christmas




This December, celebrate the beauty of nature. Bring those evergreens, snow whites, and subtle browns inside to create an environment rich with winter wonder. Decorate with the classic branches of a Douglas Fir for a comfy, home-for-the-holidays smelling space. And if you just so happen to have a little extra “crafting” time on your hands, grab that tree stump from the trash pile and turn it into a candle holder or a cake stand. Trust us, those came in quite handy on our last winter photoshoot!




Don’t stop at trees and wreathes—brightly colored green garlands or a tablecloth of moss can add some extra freshness to your decor. Even this cake is getting into the spirit of Evergreen Xmas.




Hosting an event this holiday season? We sure have been! We love marking seats for our guests with tiny Pines and mini wreathes. They let you jazz up those plain white everyday dishes into a holiday treat. Have a few extras? Scatter then throughout your buffet or centerpieces with playful elements like this little red Bug that we just LOVED.





Entering into any gift wrapping wars this season? Let’s just say we’re always trying to take the cake with the best wrapped presents under the tree. Hey – we have a reputation to uphold! Take a cue from this cute package display and make your gifts too pretty to unwrap!
Bring the majesty of nature to a space near you.
Merry Christmas and happy styling!



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