a unique connection

It’s Almost Mother’s Day Folks!
As mother’s day approaches this weekend, we thought we would share one of our favorite ads from this holiday’s promotions. It’s not your typical hallmark style add, it’s an honest, unique approach that highlights the core of what makes this day one worth stopping and celebrating. So if you are lacking motivation to grab a card, hit up the local florist or pick up the phone, this should remind you why it matters.
They say there is a unique connection between mother and child. An unspoken, unseen bond. What do you think? This heart-warming new video from PANDORA poses the question – Can children recognize their mothers without seeing them? You may want to grab a tissue or two before hitting the play button.
Think you’re too busy?
Here’s the quick overview for those of you skeptics that think you might not have a couple minutes to watch this (despite the over 5 million views it already has). Six children were blindfolded and asked to pick out their mom from a group of six women. The task was designed to understand the special bond between mother and child. Each child was blindfolded and then asked to approach a line of “could be” moms. As each child walks down the lineup, you can see the uncertainty turn into magic in their faces as they find “their mom”.
What can we say, this one’s a heart warming twist on those can be cheesey Mother’s Day promotions.

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