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Our peers at Bainbridge Properties came to us with the goal of rebranding a tired, older property they were currently refreshing. They wanted a brand that would echo the physical changes and invite new tenants to enter the space with fresh eyes for what’s possible. With a tight timeline and a true need to visually represent the physical change the property was undergoing, we set to work on delivering an identity that spoke to their plans for the future.

Our first challenge, a logo that spoke to the future of the brand.

With its central location and freshly appointed spaces, AXIS Delray Beach is a prime location for those wanting a little bit of it all. With everything right outside the front door, waiting to be experienced the possibilities are endless. With this in mind, we set out to not only come up with a visual identity for the renovated development, but we set out with a plan to give it a branded voice that spoke to it’s tenants. From the vibrant imagery, to the progressive font and color palette, this property has been put back in the decision making set for the younger professional looking to have a slice of the good life.

a look at the collateral

After re-imagining what this property could be in terms of overall brand identity, we brought our vision for AXIS to life in the collateral. Focusing on the elements potential renters touring the property would interact with, we built a cohesive system that set the tone for the property at every touchpoint. From the business card you are handed by the property manager upon entering the model to the property overview brochure you flip through while touring the space, to the floor plan cards you take with you to ensure your furniture fits just perfectly within your new home… every detail was created through the lense of the AXIS brand.

Together, these elements set the foundation for an ownable, branded experience.

It’s More Than Just a sign

From the initial days of construction through to the installation of the permanent wayfinding – each sign is intentionally designed, weaving the core of the AXIS identity throughout the property. We partnered with the development team to make sure that from the moment construction fences went up, the brand was being presented to tenants in the best light. We then worked with the property owners to pick finishes that brought a touch of nature into the signage, combining the modern touches with a touch of the surrounding tropical palms.

it’s how we say
“Welcome home”

As new tenants stop by the management office to pick of their keys, we ensure that moment is an experience worth talking about. From our custom key chain to the reusable water bottle that echoes the notes of wood found throughout the property, they start their first moments at AXIS with a smile. Then upon entering each unit, our tenants are met with a welcome home gift – a custom scented candle that embodies the coastal lifestyle they have chosen to surround themselves with.

From the promotional items, to the copy on each piece, out team partnered with the Bainbridge team to make sure we created more than a brand, we ensured we designed an experience that was intentional and memorable… and one that left people talking about the new property in town.

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