Behind the Scenes with the Great American Wine Co.

This summer, our team produced three new commercials for the Great American Wine Company. Each 15-second spot features a different kind of All-American experience that pairs nicely with a Great American wine. 


Our team produced these spots front-to-back: the script writing, casting, story boarding, onset direction, music composition, post production – you name it, we did it! We love owning our projects like this – it creates efficiencies for our clients and makes the creative blend together seamlessly.


With only 15 seconds to tell a story, we did some serious choreography with the actors on this shoot. Their actions, the camera moves, and the pre-emptive fly-swatting had to be perfectly timed together. We did some film industry ballet, with Director of Photography, Nathan Bolster making sure it all went down smoothly.


The food in these scenes was extremely important. Thankfully, we had food stylist David Sweeney on set to ensure that the hero food shots were plated in the most epic way, and to the delight of our crew, it was all edible. Everything tasted as good as it looked – not so common in the commercial world!


We also have to give a shout out to our composer, James Pinkstone, for the beautiful “Classic Americana without the Cheese” composition that literally makes these spots sing; and Ryan Peoples for the sound design and Voice Over.


You can look for these spots to run for Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Memorial Day, and the 4th of July. We can share the Labor Day spot with you here as it is running now!




As American As A Backyard Barbecue from campbell creative on Vimeo.

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