Designing Your Branded Space

When you think about a branded space, what do you envision?

Is it a logo on a wall or is it a complete emersion into your branded culture? For each individual it may mean something slightly different. But, one thing is consistent, no matter who you are, when you walk into a fully branded space you walk out with a memorable experience. An experience that, whether you realize it or not, was crafted specifically for you to engage with. Ultimately, you should walk away with a certain branded message.

So, for arguments sake let’s agree that a branded space isn’t just slapping a logo on a wall. Sure a logo on a wall qualifies, technically, as branding and it is “in” your space. But that isn’t really what we are talking about. We are talking about creating branded experiences that are unique to you and your brand.

We take the results of our cultural assessment and our understanding of the space to date. Then we start looking at the environment where your audience has the opportunity to engage with your brand story. Your branded environment should not only tell a story, but it should create a memorable, branded experience. In order to ensure your space is working for you the way you want it to, we need to understand who engages with your space and why. Then we determine what you want them to take away from their interaction with your space. For example, you may have one set of goals and needs for your staff and quite another for your potential investors. Once we have an understanding of the story you want to tell and the impression you want to create, we begin designing.


So where do we even begin with the design process?

We start the design process with Mood Boards. This is our visual way of ensuring we are aligned on the style of the design and overall aesthetic. There is no doubt that as you enter an environment you will experience emotions based on color, texture, furniture and accents pieces. These items are all intended to exude that look and feel of the brand vision and product offerings. Mood boards set the foundation for the visual experience we will create. Once we align on a visual style, we are able to jump into creating unique application for you and your space.

It is here where we internally brainstorm, thinking of all the ways we can bring to life your vision. For us, when it comes to graphically branding our projects, we are only limited by our imaginations and the goals defined for any given space. Our graphic concepts can be applied to virtually any interior surface which can include walls, ceilings, or floors. They can also be applied through a variety of media – vinyl applications, dimensional installations, digitally, and virtually. We put ourselves into your space and imagine the way we would want to engage with the space and what would ultimately provide the intended results.

Next, we start to develop our graphics package. It is within this package that the ideas become concrete. We present to you the solutions on a room by room basis, walking you through the space and the experience we have designed for you. Through graphic wallpapers, dimensional signage, installations, custom artwork, illustrations, photography, video, living walls, and custom promo items… we craft a branded experience that surrounds you from the moment you enter the space.


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