Express Wash Holdings : Branding


Express Wash Holdings needed a brand identity that was simple, clean and professional. They needed something that was streamlined and ownable. They wanted something they could use as they went out for investor funding and they needed it quick. For them, the Express Wash Holdings brand was something they needed to keep the company moving forward. However, it wasn’t something that they intended to ever be consumer facing.

Their challenge : They needed a quick turn on a professional solution that didn’t require a substantial investment

We met with Florida partner Jack Cooney, shared a cup of coffee and learned a little bit more about where they wanted to take their company. They seemed like a perfect candidate to take advantage of our “Brander’s Choice” program, and they agreed. (The Brander’s Choice allows our team to generate strong, branded identities and supporting brand materials. Our team is able to do this on a tighter timeline and reduced budget by eliminating the rounds of revisions typically included in a project. In fact, this approach often times allows us to jump even more into a brand and provide clients with more than they thought possible.)

After our meeting we shared a follow up questionaire with the Express Wash team to get the final details of how they wanted the brand to look and feel. From that point forward it was hands-off. They continued working on other aspects of the business while we got busy designing the brand from start to finish.

We generated the essential pieces for the brand : logo, business cards, website, and template for investor presentations. Then we took a step back to see how we could push things a little more. We built them an animated version of the logo that we feature on all of their digital elements. We produced premium cards with a spot varnish that gave them that memorable edge they were looking for. If you head over to their site, you will see their brand come to life. From the business cards to presentation templates, we helped get this express wash a brand that allowed them to present themselves as the established, credible team that they are.

If you are in a similar situation, if you need a cohesive brand and are willing to let us take it on, come join us for coffee or cocktails and let’s talk!