HeartHugger™ Tradeshow Branding

We partnered with HeartHugger™ to help communicate to the medical community the benefits of the product. We did this in a way that conveyed the message and the importance of the product without bringing up connotations of pain and extreme discomfort. HeartHugger™ is a simple, on demand, patient operated harness that provides patients with full time wound stability, sternal support, pain management and fewer wound complications. When the handles are squeezed together, Heart Hugger™ circles the rib cage with uniform pressure and support.

This was a true challenge as the product helps improve recovery time and pain management after a truly major open heart surgery.

We chose to lean into a welcoming, comforting color palette, and easy to read font and friendly icons. The end result was a refreshed look and feel. It created a booth design that welcomed doctors and nurses alike. In turn, it made them feel comfortable in the space and want to spend time exploring the product.

Trade Booth

A refresh to the booth design for Heart Hugger resulted in a fresh, inviting appearance for the upcoming trade shows. The welcoming, calming blue paired with the positive play on words associated with the HeartHugger product gave doctors and nurses a reason to stop and discover more.


Simple, direct and easy to comprehend messaging gave this collateral system a breath of fresh air.

Key call outs made the piece easy to scan for a quick read. More detailed copy added detail needed to inform doctors and nurses of the full benefits of HeartHugger. Overall, the rework of this collateral system saw a truly positive reaction from the marketplace and the internal team at HeartHugger.

Icon Outlined Gear
Icon Outlined Gear
Icon Outlined Gear