Lending Club Heads East

When Lending Club acquired their first East Coast office in Westborough, Mass they didn’t just want to bring the business east, they wanted to bring the heart of the LC culture too. But like any acquisition, being sensitive to the culture already in place was critical. Essentially, they needed to find a way to mold the east with the west.
How could we help tackle a feat like that?
Well, we started with a good old fashioned “Nice to meet you.” From there we had the Westborough office participate in a deep dive about their current culture, the way they worked and how we could help them work more efficiently in the future. Once we had the nuts and bolts figured out, it was time to determine what this group was truly passionate about, you know, what they did for fun! Turns out they love their sports and escaping to the coast every chance they get was at the top of everyone’s relaxation list.
The result, conference rooms themed after Boston sporting favorites : Bruins, Red Sox and the Patriots and a breakroom designed to look like a coastal beach town crab shack. Take a look and see the first Lending Club East Coast space come to life!

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