Meet GRAINGLOSS – furniture design company


 We’d like to introduce you to our friends at GRAINGLOSS: 

GRAINGLOSS is a furniture design company that’s all about simplifying the process of getting you from where you are today into the space you’re dreaming of. When we first met, we immediately fell in love with their mission. Their mission is to find the perfect furniture solution for your needs as quickly and smoothly as possible. Since then our teams have collaborated – and brought to life some amazing spaces (including the Campbell Creative office!)

So when GRAINGLOSS asked us to help refine their brand and design their website, we couldn’t have been more excited. Since they are all about making furniture solutions simple and easy, we wanted their look and feel to mimic that across all elements.

GRAINGLOSS was named after the grain in wood and the gloss of laminate. These are two materials the team uses the most in their furniture. With this in mind we settled on a thick and thin logo – mimicking this contrast. We also translated this with gloss and matte finishes on their business cards and stationary. This gave them a unique solution that was true to their roots.

For the web, we went with a bold look and a no fuss attitude, with an easy to navigate site. The GRAINGLOSS team couldn’t be more approachable and fun – and we made sure this was apparent through their site. After that – we let the furniture do the talking!

Check out the site at – and we dare you to try and not get some serious furniture envy when scrolling through their showroom!

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