Mumm Napa Photoshoot BTS

Pop. Clink. Sparkle.

It was a jam packed two days on set with Mumm Napa capturing images for their 2018 winter campaign and their 2017 fall social content. To say there was a little multi-tasking would be an understatement but it is days on set like these that remind us how lucky we are to have a great team, great clients and great partners to help us pull off the magic!

Ever wonder what goes into days like these?

Imagine 48 bottles of sparkling wine, 8 nail polish changes, 3 racks of wardrobe, 4 amazing talent, a crew of 7, an amazing brand, a killer photographer and a group of people that truly love making beautiful, perfect pictures together. Still curious, just take a look at the quick videos below to get a glimpse behind the scenes of some of our shots from last weeks shoot.

Cheers to getting these puppies out and about so you all can see them!








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