VANS does it again

In a perfect world, every time we needed to take a photo we’d have a gorgeous backdrop, ideal lighting, and our Nikon handy. But, more cases than not, we’re stuck using our iPhone to capture those spontaneous photo worthy moments.

Thankfully, when it comes to photo shoots for our clients we’re pros. Months of preparation, professional talent, and an outstanding photographer help us control every last detail. And let’s just say, the results speak for themselves.

We were amazed to hear about Vans footwear’s new campaign that they captured exclusively with an iPhone 6s Plus. The campaign, which promotes the new All Weather MTE collection, was shot all over the world and authentically highlights the harsh climates found globally.

Generated by 9 photographers, equipped with an iPhone and three apps (VSCO, Snapped and Filmic Pro), over 10,000 images and videos were captured. Vans has always supported creativity through action sports, music, art and street culture. This campaign is no exception to that. The photos showcase the photographers individuality and give an authentic feel to the products.

The photos were released on September 21, 2016. We were so excited to view the creative and be inspired to take greater iPhone photos ourselves! If Vans can capture an entire apparel and footwear line on a cell phone we’re pretty sure we can document our Friday night cocktail perfectly!