It was a blur as always but it’s one of our favorite hectic, insane, run like a manic from place-to-place weeks of the year… NEOCON!

Every year, June marks our annual trek to Chicago to check out the latest greatest in all things furniture. We pack our bags with as little as possible in anticipation of the loads of collateral and swag that will undoubtedly cause those same bags to be overflowing as we return home. This year did not disappoint as we had a nice $150 is “heavy bag” fees. But, we smiled and paid away because we were NOT leaving those puppies behind!

We are now back in the office sharing all those goodies and inspiring stories that our Chicago getaway left us day dreaming about. Besides the amazing food, and even more amazing after parties we also managed to soak up some quality inspiration from the days filled with showroom tours. From rooms filled with trees to adult sized jungle gyms to couches made for sharpies to walls and walls of murals and patterns… it is safe to say NEOCON showrooms drew inspiration from life… Art and Music were themes across the board and not just in the products but with live installations unfolding over the show! It definitely rekindled our love for those experience moments that leave you with those “WOW” impressions.

With that, we thought we would let you in on a few of our favorites and on what seemed to be the exciting trends spotted around the floors of the Chicago Merchandise Mart.

Hermann Miller partnered with artists to bring to life their “Living Office” concept. Artists created custom illustrations of their “Ideal Workplace” and Hermann Miller offered those to guests as they wrapped up the showroom tour. Needless to say we had a hard time choosing so we may have walked away with a few options that are now sprinkled around the office! (Sound interesting? Learn a little more.)


Momentum Textiles raised the bar with a truly holistic experience. If you had the privilege to even sneak into the Merchandise Mart for a moment last week, you definitely saw the graphic black + white bags from Momentum flanking the shoulders of the lucky NEOCONers that snagged one before they were gone. The artist responsible for the design these bags showcased was on site creating a mural over the course of the show. Visitors could say any location they wanted and artist Shantell Martin would incorporate it into the graphic mural that served as an interactive showpiece over the show. (Of course we added our offices!)

momentum-1momentum-2 momentum-3

SPEC Furniture had another fun artist on location sketching away that snagged our eye as we walked the halls. Graffiti Artist Nick Volkert was busy designing a mural on a SPEC table giving their EndZone piece quite the eye catching look!



If you get a chance to wade through the madness that is NEOCON, we highly recommend it! In fact, let us know and we will happily share a mid day cocktail with you on whatever amazing piece of furniture 2017 holds in store!


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