On The Air: Perks with Grow FInancial

Grow Financial, Perks A from Campbell Creative on Vimeo.


When we left Joe, he was busy dreaming up a World of More, made possible by Grow Financial. In the first two spots, we relied on our animation team to bring Joe’s dreams to life–at least, on the air. With this new run of commercials now airing regionally in the South East, Joe’s world is made real as he discovers all the perks that come with being a member at Grow Financial.


For these spots, our team developed all of the creative in-house: concepting, scripting, story-boarding, casting, and more! This was a project we could really sink our teeth into, and we were excited to letterrrippp! There’s really nothing like taking a commercial campaign from inception to the air. The beauty lies in our ability to adjust and adapt to fit the needs and desires of the client, the demands of the market, and all the other variables that go into any creative endeavor.


Each of these spots was shot on location in Tampa, FL in one of Grow’s unbelievably beautiful branches. That’s right: We didn’t have to build a set to capture all the sparkle and sleekness you see here! Grow is straight up delivering that experience to its members every day.


The other thing we didn’t have to fake? Joe Grow himself. After 20 hours of casting in Atlanta and Los Angeles (and who-know-how-many casting tapes), we found our guy in the bottom of the ninth. Don’t get me wrong–there’s lots of talent out there with the right look. And they can sell, sell, sell, but we weren’t looking for a sales guy and we weren’t looking for someone so polished they didn’t feel real. We found what we were looking for in the man you now know as Joe Grow–he’s earnest, he’s genuine, he’s plain-talking (but not dumb), he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Hey, when all of your creative is riding on the performance of one person, it’s important that you don’t settle for less than your vision! We’re pretty sure we hit a home run with our Joe Grow, but don’t take our word for it–check him out for yourself!


Grow Financial, Perks B from Campbell Creative on Vimeo.

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