Peet’s Coffee at Yosemite Degnan’s

There is a fresh brewed space in Yosemite for Peet’s Coffee!

Introducing the new and improved
Peet’s Coffee at Degnan’s

We are so excited to see this first project come to life at Degnan’s in Yosemite National Park… but first we have to tell you, sometimes branded spaces happen to be in some really amazing locations. Check out these views we got as a little bonus to working in this amazing park. I mean, aren’t these incredible?!

Ok, now back to the project!

We partnered with Peet’s about 8 months ago to bring this space to life. We have learned a lot about the benefits and the challenges of working within a National Park. National Park come with amazing views and venues but there are a few more steps in the approval process which means getting from the initial idea to construction can take a little longer than one might anticipate. From renders to fixtures to finishings, we picked everything to align with the Peet’s aesthetic and the goals of the park.

We partnered with Peet’s to not only design, develop and build out the new space, but also to serve as their liaison with the Yosemite facilities team. We spent several months designing and refining the concept and then once we gained approvals from all parties, it was full steam ahead with the renovation!

Take a look at some of these snapshots of the space coming to life.

If you find yourself in Yosemite, be sure to enjoy a cup of Peet’s while soaking in the amazing views!