Ring in the 2015 New Year!

Looking to add a little last minute sparkle + shine to your New Year’s evening? We sure were! Take a look behind the scenes at some of the party inspiration we’re using to give our NYE some extra POP!


First of all let’s start by sharing out NYE motto : ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD in New Years party decor. So … why not make the evening a black and white affair with golden sparkling accents that keep your guests feeling extra glamorous.


New Years is always a glamorous event and this year we are taking it to the extreme. Glitter dipping is a trendy, easy way to enhance your general party items. Mix it up with various sizes of glitter—chunky to super fine. Of course, we all know the only problem with glitter crafts is the messy mix of leftovers it leaves. Well, FEAR NO MORE artisans! Throw that glitzy concoction into bags and you’ve got homemade, New Year’s confetti favors! Or sprinkle some on your nails for a little extra sparkle magic.

The last ingredient to a perfect New Years celebration is treats! Pour champagne over a scoop of orange sherbet for a delicious drink. Find recipes online for simple finger-foods like garlic bread pulls, chocolate covered orange wedges, and cheesy cracker garnishes. Now you’re set to host an amazing party. Cheers to a fun and safe New Year!


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