Skukl Meets San Francisco

meet SKUKL.

It’s the latest startup to add itself to the Bay Area mix of companies challenging the norm.

We met SKUKL just as they were transitioning into the San Francisco marketplace. We worked with them to develop a brand that is true to their roots, speaks to where they are taking the company and capitalizes on some of the owners favorite things. Basically, as they put it, “We hit a home run and had fun doing it!”

Why SKUKL? The company is named after the Schuylkill River in southeastern Pennsylvania. It’s where the owner is from + bringing a bit of that history to the company’s new Bay Area home was important. What else should you know? Authenticity, Creativity, Collaboration, Manly and Local were key messages to convey as we built out the companies identity system… hence the imagery, color palette and bold font selection. What else? They like to keep things simple = a straight forward website to give clients the general gist of things but encourage them to meet the man in person to really learn what the SKUKL brand is all about.

As this company gets planted in the market, keep an eye out as we continue to build the brand and expand the creative to meet all of the touchpoints of this growing little company.

Look out SF, here comes SKUKL!

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