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Your space is your biggest brand opportunity.
Is your working as hard for you as it could be?

Your space is your biggest asset, the most impactful place to tell your story and build a mindset around your brand. It’s the biggest opportunity for your brand to fully come to life. This is where people can literally walk around within your brand, your identity and experience your culture.

As creators of branded environments, we leverage the effect of the physical structure and organization of space. In doing so, we help deliver our clients’ identity attributes, personality and key messages.

To generate a cohesive branded experience, you have to think through every touchpoint, every opportunity that an individual has to interact with your brand. You must also think how and why those people are engaging with your brand. Everything should be considered : finish materials, environmental graphics, way-finding, signage, furniture, lighting, layout and overall space planning.

But where did this all come from you may be asking?

The creation of branded environments grew out of a movement within the practice of interior design in the 1990s. This recognized that brand equity, or the perceived value of identifying branded characteristics of an organization, could be applied to three-dimensional environments.

In other words, that your brand culture could be brought to life within the physical structure of your space. However, when this first came about, it was largely directed at hospitality and food and beverage type of industries. We have taken this approach and introduced it to any space we brand.

The workplace may be the last to embrace this notion that the space directly impacts your culture. However, we have seen first hand how it can be a critical lever in supporting a brand and culture change. For some people, branding their space is about improving employee morale. For others it is about attracting and retaining top talent, while others it is about creating a cultural shift that improves productivity. Regardless of your motivation, a few changes in your space can deliver all four of these goals to you without you ever leaving the walls of your office.

Remember, your brand is about more than just visuals. While it’s important to communicate brand through the use of logos and other graphics, that’s just the beginning. The type of spaces, the color palette, the materials used, the traffic flows — every detail makes a statement about what the brand stands for and for us… that’s what makes every detail matter.

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