The Furniture You Work With

Furniture Within Your Space

When we partner with you to create a uniquely branded experience, we consider every touchpoint. The furniture within your space is a crucial element reflecting your brand and your brand culture. It is important to consider the visual impression created by the furniture in your space and to make that impression intentional. It is also crucial to consider the stage that furniture sets for collaboration and productivity. Their are countless studies to support the fact that furniture directly impacts productivity and employee morale. But how do these apply to your branded space and the culture you want to build?

Let’s Start with a Look Back in Time

In the early 1900s, employees’ desks all faced their supervisor. It was a clear, easy way to know all eyes were on the main decision maker, questions were easily answered and staff was monitored. The 1950s saw a shift in space planning that came with the “status” symbol of the private office. Large offices became a reward and were occupied by managers. At the same time, a bullpen full of the “regular” workers was created outside those walls. The noise of these bullpens ushered in the design of the cubicles. Over time, these cubicles continued to get smaller and smaller as managers tried to cram in workers.

Today, offices are embracing an open floorplan, where walls are removed and staff is encouraged to mingle, blurring the lines of hierarchy. Why the shift? It is a shift to embrace the style of today’s workforce and ensure they are as productive as possible. This generation of workers came from a background of collaboration and team work. Today’s workforce was introduced to team projects and group work back as far as grade school. That training and mindset is now arriving in the workplace. Employers are being forced to address the shift or loose momentum in this changing market. With tech giants leading the way towards flexible, collaborative spaces, today’s worker often gets to choose how and where they work.


Figuring out the furniture that is right for you. 

So where do we come in? Finding the fit that is right for you and your culture. While an open collaborative office has many benefits, it’s important to give employees privacy as well. Designing furniture to fit the needs of all employees is an important part of architecting your space. Designing a space that supports the types of social interactions you desire with intriguing accessories, furniture with stories behind them or tables to gather around promotes collaboration and office bonding. The end product is more valuable and authentic to you and your space.

We work with each client to understand the true goals behind their overall space, and the micro spaces within it. Then we generate a furniture package that illustrates our solution for the space. This package takes into account density, growth projections, collaboration spaces, security needs and creative spaces. These spaces are where teams can work together to spitball new ideas and brainstorm on white boards.

In order to meet all of your needs and a uniquely branded space is created, we combine off-the-shelf furniture solutions with custom elements.

Take a look at some of the solutions we have generated for other clients. Then give us a call if you want to grab a cup of coffee and learn what’s possible within your space.

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