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On set with the Frangelico Team

Helping to bring branded visuals to life for our clients is definitely one of our favorite aspects of our job. We get to take a collection of ideas, a mood board of images and a few hopes and dreams for a given brand and bring those to life on set for our clients and their consumers. It’s an honor to be trusted with such a vital role in a brand’s existence… to be given the task of taking a brand from an idea, a mission, a vision… and bringing it to life for the market through imagery.

Not only does unique branded imagery stand out in a market saturated with stock; it reinforces the brand positioning by allowing our design team to truly articulate the brand message and vision without any restrictions. It’s a powerful tool that (atleast as far as we are concerned) doesn’t have to break the bank on the way to making a splash in the market.

Take a look at the behind the scenes from our latest Frangelico lifestyle photoshoot where we spent three days on set with an amazing team bringing to life this new platform for the brand.

Here is a quick glimpse into the day on fast forward:


And of course, it wouldn’t be complete without actually showing you some of the finished products. While there were over 40 final images, these highlights will give you a look at what will be showing up in market over the next few months.



fran_style_0144 fran_style_0267 img_0075 img_0120 img_0180



fran_style_1916 fran_style_1766-3 fran_style_1423 fran_style_1186 fran_style_1320

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