Trilogy Education Services: Arizona

Hello Trilogy Arizona.
It was great to see you.


Another day, another city, another fun space brought to life for Trilogy Education Services.

We spent a long weekend installing another fun space for the Trilogy brand in Tempe, Arizona. From the furniture to the walls to the artwork hanging on them, not a corner went unaddressed. We took the look and feel we have established for the Trilogy built space and translated it to their latest office space in Arizona. The result just goes to show that putting in the time and planning on the front end to develop a solid kit of parts results in the ability to brand any size or style space in a consistent, branded feel that has everyone all smiles.

It was a whirlwind install but Monday morning showcased a space the staff is thrilled with – bright, fresh and functional. They are definitely starting this month out in style and we are off to planning the next great adventure with the Trilogy Brand.

Take a look at some of the Behind of Scenes to see how this all came together. Want to learn a little more, check out The Built Brand or drop us an email at and let’s talk.





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