XOCOLATL product shoot

Xocolatl is a local Atlanta brand founded by Matt Weyandt & Elaine Read in 2004 after they quit their jobs, ditched their car and their apartment, and moved to the jungles of Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica just after their second child was born. In Elaine’s words,

“And we four sweltered in a fecund jungle. It was beautiful. It was challenging. It was liberating. It was also home to cacao. There, we met local growers and artisanal chocolatiers. There, our big, vague dreams started to take shape. Knowing we would eventually need to return to Atlanta, we apprenticed with the local chocolatiers, learned the secrets of making craft bean-to-bar chocolate and started to plant the seed for a bean-to-bar chocolate factory that would have roots deep in Atlanta and bud into a place of pura vida (“the pure life; real living”) in which we thrived in the Costa Rican jungles. And Xocolatl Small Batch Chocolate was born.”

To say that we are thrilled to be working with this brand is an understatement. Their chocolate is the best we have ever tasted. Literally. And we feel that we have definitely sampled enough chocolate to consider ourselves experts on the subject. As clients, their creative energy and the integrity they bring to chocolate making continues to inspire us.

They first approached us to overhaul their website (which we are still in the process of doing– stay tuned!). As we started building the site, we realized that we would need some product photos for the storefront. Given their bright, colorful packaging, we decided a simple shoot on white would be the best approach. We didn’t want anything to steal the spotlight from their beautiful branding.

XO family-02

Additionally, their ingredients play a vital role in their core values. Most bars are made of simply cacao and cane sugar. Because their ingredients are both beautiful and essential to their brand identity, we decided to play around with the raw ingredients themselves as well.


Now that the product shoot is wrapped, we look forward to sharing their new website with you in the very near future! And, if these images have got your mouth watering, please head on over to their shop to place an order.

More soon!

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